15 november 2013

Change of address!!

I want to reach my non-swedish-speaking friends, hence the change of this blog hummelobrak.blogspot.se. Within some time this address will disappear. But! You've got the right to stay calm ;) I'm already avaliable on the new address flowersbyelin.blogspot.se where more posts will be written in english.

See you in a little!


13 november 2013

What do we stand up for?

What do you stand up for? 
Do you stand up for human rights? Do you stand up for love? Do you stand up for truth? Do you stand up for care? What do you stand up for?

You see, the world is the way it is because enough of us have not stood up, for the right thing. We have allowed things to be however it wants to be. It is time for the whole humanity to stand up. What do you stand up for?

All this while, what have you stood up for? Have you stood up for your happiness? Have you stood up for the happiness of another? Have you stood up for nature? Have you stood up for harmony? 

What do you Want to stand up for and what do you choose to stand up for? Meditate on this question. Because, humanity as a whole depends on each one of us making a stand. 

Words well spoken by Dhyan Vimal.


11 november 2013

My heavens, Yes!

Things I love to eat...  

Algue wrap decorated with eggplant hash, Kalamata olives, alfalfa seedlings, physalis/ground cherries, wolfberries and fresh basil.
Salad with peas, onion, grated beetroots and apples, air-lock, (Karintorps) tomato sauce and a pinch of himalaya salt.
Casey's delicious vegan cupcakes - also to diiie for ^^ I just added some decoration. I made the rose from a strip of dried red currant bought at Spiragården, Glanshammar. Check them out on facebook! 

Them nettles. They're everywhere. And you can use them for everything! 

Nettle-smoothie for example. Tinted with a touch of black currant.
Nettle-scones, nettle-pesto, vegan cheese, parsley, orange juice, tomatoes, teeeea and great company!  
Small pancakes made of zucchini and potatoes with an uplifting dill sauce. Pickled pepper (non home-grown)
Luxurious lemonade made from rose-hip petals! 

Blast away your worries with the power of...  Strawberries, orange, peach, date plums, pears, local honey, sesame paste, walnuts, basil and crushed cardamom  
Ease your sugar cravings with a peach- and honeydew melon-sorbet made of refridgerated fruits and egg white, decorated with uplifting wild carnation  

Appetizer: butter-fried garden-picked dandelion buds 

Raw, grated beetroot with raisins, pecans, brazil oil and flaked salt 

Fried horse beans with air lock. Some drops of rapeseed oil and a tiny dash of salt. Just like that! 

Capture the life and joy of the carnival every day with..  Sugarsnaps, fried egg with (Karintorps) tomato sauce, horse beans, air-lock, physalis/ground cherries on a bed of lettuce. And grape fruit juice. Nearly everything from my or my neighbours garden
Breakfast with a good friend  We mustered something up..!
Breakfast in the sun! Horse beans picked one minute before being lightly fried. Spinach fried with garlic on a bed of fresh lettuce. Tomatoes catching their last breath ^^
Can't tell what it is except that it was a cozy meal 

Whirled veggie-lasagne. Rose in the middle made of a beetroot 
Blueberry smoothie made of sunflower seed, date plums, ricedream, one banana and many blueberries 
Let me see.. Horse beans, pecans, swiss chard, lettuce, cucumber, brown rice, tomato/carrot sauce..  
Some kind of veggie lasagne.. And a cat to confirm the success  
Wheat berry, leek, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese-something, a sweet pepper sauce.. not yet wrapped or primmed  
Home made algue-wrap garnished with grapes and home grown tomatoes 
 The explosion of flavours makes you dizzy  
Cow cabbage pie with goat cheese and home grown tomatoes. Decorated with basil and marigold  
These adoreable mornings..! 

Sunshine, sprouts and cucumber with herb salt and hazelnut oil. And a big cup of tea! 

Lunch box faced with cress 
Death by Chocholate.. Chocolate cake stuffed with beetroots. Invigorated with edible flowers  

Light the candles, use the nice sheet, drink champagne. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special!


2 november 2013

As we are, we change

What am I changing, being me, in my life and in others? When I am with others, am I changing them to become happier, more fulfilled? Or am I changing them for the worst? In my environment, am I changing nature to bloom or am I destroying nature? As we are, we change. Every one of us are participating in some form of changing. 

I was meditating upon todays mastery challenge and found that... 
By being me I offer possibilities to discover alternative ways of living. I encourage others to be kinder, humbler, less needy and more giving.

By being me I show how to have faith in what will be will be. I trust that each one of us can make a difference. I contribute by  bringing others closer to who and how they want to be. Or not to be..

By being me I am allowing change. I also allow the wait. Or at least I try to. Let's say it's on my current long-term missions.. ^^ To sum up a bit; I make things flower. I grow flowers, I make flowers, I smell flowers, I love flowers, I wear flowers and I eat flowers! I inspire my surrounding in my own way by spreading fortune flowers wherever I go. 

As I am, I am changing things for the better. Yes, that's what I (in)tend to.

31 oktober 2013

This is awesome, but..

Constantly partaking in others news and being online most of the hours gives you less time for your own creativity. Obviously. What I mean is that it seems more common nowadays disappearing into someone elses world instead of taking care of our own.  The digitization of our society increases our ability to communicate and share information. That is awesome, but pay attention! It is also stealing the now.

Your life is your message to this world. Make sure it's inspiring.

25 oktober 2013

90 Days Mastery Challenge

I was recently invited to the 90 Days Mastery Challenge and I can only recommend everyone to sign up! It requires about 2 minutes of your time each day and you will see what magic it will bring into the rest of your life. 
Go for it, you've got everything to win! 


23 oktober 2013

Joshua James and travelling merry men

The band Joshua James from the U.S. found me on couchsurfing and asked for a place to stay in my town during their tour in Europe. Having them here, providing them with nutritious food, clean sheet and contributing to their life experiences made me feel so rich! With much too much preparations and much too little sleep in my pockets I'm tired like someone a thousand years old. Now, who will catch me when I faint by awesomeness? XD

Thank you for letting me share a fraction of your lives, pick up new words, share your laughs and your hearts :) Thank you for letting me practice my b'n'b-skills with Extra Everything XD There's still some home made hand picked C-vitamin super loaded creamy rose hip smoothie for you on your "foods-by-Elin-must-try-list". Whenever you're ready..

          Thank You for the music guys and take good care!

'Let the rain kiss you
                   Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
                                         Let the rain sing you a lullaby
                            and remember, the weather is always in the heart'